Met her, was always curious to know about her.

She had that peculiar character of a normal human being with her mind clouded by radical thoughts, her eyes blurred by recklessness and her shoulders burdened by pragmatism.

Despite all, she managed to survive amidst the commotion of fanaticism. She managed to refrain from building a castle in her mind full of worries and despair. She managed to be a good listener in a world full of participants and talkers.

She has been a wrongdoer but made sure to even it out. She has been intimidated but she made sure to overcome every hurdle for, she’s just a normal human being who when persecuted, tumbles with a thud but is resilient enough to come back to the present.

It has been an inquisitive journey to reach out to her and to be able to know her. It took me time and great courage to sit with her, listen to her….After all I always say to myself “I’m pleased to meet you”. Enchant√©


I’m (not) alone

This horrid feeling of loneliness, emptiness, shallowness tells me that I would fail, that I’ll not be able to achieve come what may.This feeling reminds me that I’m not unique and that I have to blindly follow the masses and their ideologies.This feeling suppresses my abilities, my ideas, my dreams and most importantly my smile.

I’m merely a puppet in this dynamic space around me.I see what I’m made to see, I hear what people say, I eat what I’m given to eat,I do what people expect me to do, I believe in what I’m made to believe. Yes, I’m vulnerable to my surroundings. I get influenced or rather bamboozled by the thoughts they slam onto people’s minds and this is why I’m alone.My mind has encompassed some useless, dependable earthly beliefs and notions, that my growth as an individual has been jeopardized. This is why I’m alone.

“This world is a beautiful place they say”.They say, so I must believe this.Who are “they”? How can “they” decide on my behalf? I don’t know…I can only believe because that is how things are and have always been.”You can reach great heights if you work hard and smart they say”.”they say”! These are those people who have many more years of experience than I have in life and who have foretold how things are going to be.So we follow them and believe what they’ve said rather than exploring it ourselves.

I do not want to follow.I want to learn and explore.I don’t want to miss a particular path because “they said” it could mislead me. I don’t want to miss doing certain things because “they said” they’ll not be good for me.

I want to experience life as it comes to me, untouched by people’s opinions and beliefs. I know I’m NOT ALONE! We all are trapped in some way but accepting life as it comes to you is what makes “this world a beautiful place to live in”.